Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Outfit of the day - still winter outside

I am truly sick and tired of wearing boots. And it is not that i hate snow, but it is already TOO much! And i have the feeling i will jump right to sandals, and that's just sad, cause i have some lovely unworn pumps waiting for me...

* gray dress, La Redoute
* boots, DKNY
* belt, Anna Sui
* ETAM shirt


Anonymous said...

I love that on you! My favorite so far!

Anonymous said...

I hope that you will use the winter weather to wear your leather pants again, I bought them myself in November based on your pictures (I was in doubt for a long, long time) and it's my best buy ever!


carola said...

I'm sick of rain (i think it rained practically non-stop for the last two-three months here), but last week the sun started to shine and it seems that we will jump straight to summer. too bad, cause i love spring. love the dress :)

The Shopaholic Online said...

Love your outfit. Very chic, I must say. If ever we meet outside and you'll be wearing that, you must be the most stylish girl on the street. Love the dress, though.