Monday, May 18, 2009

Monday: Work

As you can easily see, i am trying all my new clothes from the Matthew Williamson for H&M collection. Quite versatile!

* H&M skirt
* Mango feather t-shirt
* Morgan blazer
* Hale Bob shoes (from
* Matthew Williamson for H&M (men summer collection) belt


Anonymous said...

hello dana!
i just love the way you dress and i adore your shoes. can you tell me how much are the shipping taxes when you order from victoria's secret. thank you! ana

Dana said...

Hello Ana!

It really depends on what you order (shoes leather or canvas/clothes etc). There are different percentage to be paid depeding on the category your order is in. But usually between 15-30%. If the order is greater that 100 euros i think. Of course, if it arrives through normal Post (not UPS for example) you can be lucky and avoid all taxes :) for example if the custom lady is out to get coffee or something like that :))

Anonymous said...

Did you get a new IPHONE or something ?

Dana said...

Yup, i got the new 3G. The old one was broken, and after trying to repair it without success, i decided to invest into a new one :(

Anonymous said...

That is so kewl PISI :))

Liana Barros Daiha said...

I realy love your blazer!
And I also like all your outfits.
Is it your closet behind you?
Best regards,
Liana Barros from Brazil.

Rain said...

Wow, you got so many pieces of the H&M Matthew Williamson collection! I didn't got any of them :(