Monday, January 14, 2008

Block color shoes

The block color trend (which means that basically your outfit will consist of a composition of different colors, completely different) was taken in consideration also by shoe designers like Manolo Blahnik, , Christian Louboutin, Bally

Burgundy/topaz patent leather, Manolo Blahnik

Two tone high wedge heeled shoe by B Store with ribbon lace up

Patent Rainbow Flat Sandal, Fendi

Asymmetric strappy sandals, Stella McCartney

They all agree what seems to me obvious: multicolor straps looks better in patent, a trend that seems to be here for a while.

Black/hot pink patent leather open toe slingback, Christian Louboutin

I sort of guessed this trend, considering the fact that while in Wien, before i had the chance to browse through the new spring collections, my eyes were distracted by a khaki & red pair of sandals, in sales from Bally.

As how to wear such shoes (because you have to admit that more that one color in a pair screams a little bit of trouble)... I plan to match mine with a similar shade of khaki opaque tights, khaki skirt, white shirt and khaki blazer. And that means that one good plan is to choose one color from your shoes, and pair it with tights (and the rest of your outfit).

I tried mines also with dark jeans. And the result was quite glamorous, the red&khaki patent bringing substance to an otherwise simple pair of jeans.

Or if you are bold enough, try some more. Pink and black shoes, pink and black dress . Be very careful, but with the right proportion can be a style that will definitely bring you to attention.

Heel sandals in pearl, black, coral and sand from Bally


Anonymous said...

OK-I purchased a pair of shoes that are mostly bright yellow, with a wide red buckle and dark navy blue accents/trim. The are all panent. My question is I was hping to wear them with a black dress. Will this work sinc there is navy blue on the shoe? If so, what color tights/hose?

Dana said...

Several designers played with yellow tights on catwalks , so, if you are daring enough, you can try this color.
Or try navy, see how it looks!

Anonymous said...

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