Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Yesterday i was at a Halloween party. The costume part was kept light, so i had a pair of orange kitty ears and a cute matching bow tie.

Funny though!

But because today is actually Halloween, i wear a pair of tights i bought for last night, but i was too lazy to put them on:

Tonight i planned a little party at my house, with special pumpkin recipes cooked.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

XXLong boots abuse!

Ever since i bought my XXLong gray boots from Stefanel it seems that's i don't have any other pair of shoes in my wardrobe.
I wear them almost everyday (today i made an exception, because it was too hot outside, but still).

I tried them with opaque tights, with shorts, with mini skirts, with skinny pants. They literally go well with almost every thing!!

2 outfits:

S'oliver shorts, white shirt by Penelope & Monica Cruz for Mango, navy babydoll jacket from H&M, long wool scarf from Polo Garage

Dress from Morgan, shirt from H&M, bolero from Zara

Friday, October 26, 2007


My shoes for this fall:

1 year in outfits

That's an old idea of mine, but never really had time to gatther all the pictures i needed.
So, with no further introduction :), here it is, my one year of marriage in outfits. It starts with my honeymoon in Bora Bora and, of course, ends with our anniversary in Venice.

Lunch in Bora Bora

Morgan pink beach dress

Trip in Tahiti

Tahitian flowery dress, Dior sunglasses

Afternoon in Barcelona

Top from Mango, skirt from O'Neill, Dior bag


Dress from Pronovias

Ferrari fan, Monza 2006

Red Ferrari t-shirt

Halloween Party

Dress from Polo Garage

Skiing in Alps

Chiemsee ski suit

New year's Eve in Prague

Coat from Viktor & Rolf collection for H&M

Easter in Greece

Top from Mellow by Irina Schrotter (Debenhams), capri pants, M by Maddonna for H&M, saddle Dior bag

IT conference

Dior belt, blazer Madonna for H&M, Venera Arapu bag

Dinner in Curacao

Just Cavalli dress

Paparazzi style picture on the beach

Kylie for H&M sunglasses, Quicksilver swim suit

Breakfast at Marriot

Victoria's Secret strapless dress, Escada bag

Naf Naf red top, white skirt from Mango

Curacao National Park visit

Morgan cream top, pink skirt from Lacoste, Gucci flats

A Saturday in Venice: 1 year anniversary

DAY Birger et Mikkelsen Julia Cotton Top, white capris from Zara, chain belt from Aldo, Matthew Williamson bag

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Outfit for today: Gray weather, gray clothes, pink jacket though

* gray tshirt with Swarovsky crystals from Marks & Spencer
* gray jeans skirt from Morgan
* pink bolero style jacket from Irina Schrotter

* pattern gray & black tights from Golden Point
* ankle boots

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Outfit for today: Bright color!

Today i decided to play a little with bright colors in my fall wardrobe.
So i dressed one of my favorite summer skirts, pink, from Escada, with black opaque tights and black patent pumps. I just love the result! So chic!

* pink Escada skirt
* black blouse, Viktor&Rolf for H&M (it seems i wear a lot of their pieces these days)
* black patent shoes, Principles, from Debenhams
* black tights, Golden Point
* black cape from Zara

Monday, October 22, 2007

Outfit for today: Shopping for home!

I am going to shop for some furniture and other things for our new apartment. That's what i will wear:

* skinny jeans, Penelope & Monica Cruz for Mango
* black top, Anastacia by s'Oliver
* xxlong leather gloves, Polo Garage
* bracelet by Fragments, Victoria's Secret
* black-gray ankle boots, Polo Garage

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Outfits for rainy weekend :)

Friday night is movie night
Not that friday is the only night we go movies, but yesterday was the only reason i left home (took a day off).

* grey shorts from s'oliver
* grey shirt and broch from Castro
* grey shoes from J Jeans by Jasper Conran, bought from Debenhams

Saturday cofee at Starbucks - Biker chic girl

* black sleeveless dress from Morgan
* white shirt, Zara
* purple tights from Golden Point
* patent black shoes Principles, from Debenhams
* Gucci watch
* cream leather jacket from Gas
* black leather gloves, with little holes, from Mango

I always loved all kind of gloves. But these black ones from Mango are just gorgeous...and perfect for the biker chic look i gathered. I also like the look of color tights with my new patent black shoes...

Sunday brunch

* over the knee boots from Stefanel
* shorts from s'Oliver
* black top from Viktor & Rolf for H&M
* (not shown) gray blazer from H&M

I love my new boots from Stefanel. And they are not so thick, so they are perfect for this in-between rainy weather.

Shopping session with my hb

Well, yesterday it was a happy day for me! I finally convinced my hb to come with me for a shopping session. And it was a productive one, too!

The result:

* navy two-button suit from Calvin Klein, with a handsome drape

* navy (almost metallic) slim fit shirt from Calvin Klein

* suit belt with 2 faces, can be worn black and brown (interesting concept!) from Calvin Klein
* black winter jacket from Harley Davidson (one of his favorite brands), to add to his extended collection of HD jackets (four for now...). The design on the back (the skull) is a little bit different, but i couldn't find an exact picture online..

Beautiful things i crave for

Miu Miu Jewelled Pumps
Stunning shoes, i was left speechless when i first saw them on net-a-porter. The red patent is so intense, and the Swarovski jet beads covering the heel are simply unique and so cool. I want them sooo bad, but, hellas!, 450€ is not a sum i can easily afford...

Missoni Leather lattice belt
Wow! This is one interesting belt! I always liked huge belts, but never wear them because i have the impression they are to heavy... But this one is just superb, only the price is a little bit annoying: €984.90

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Affordable shoes

Every season i buy at least 1-2 or 3 pairs of designer shoes, and then i complete my outfits with affordable shoes, bought from some of my "trusted" stores like Salvadoro Sapena, Musette or Bally.

This fall i had a sudden revelation, for a new spot of cute, trendy shoes, but with a very nice price as well. Debenhams is the name of this "revelation", and until recently i managed to completely avoid the shoes section, being more attracted by bags (Matthew Williamson or Jasper Conran) or tops (Matthew Williamson again).

But a few weeks ago, being dressed in a grey outfit, but with some shoes that hurt my feet beyond my limit of suffering, i entered the first shop i saw (Debenhams) and went straight to their shoes department. Gosh! What a surprise! Their shoes are so in trend, but with a very low price, so you can splurge as you wish :)

Till now, i managed to buy 3 pairs from them. The first one is a pair of taupe flower and bead court shoes, from J Jeans by Jasper Conran.

Then i bought an all-day black shoes, with the cutest heel, all dressed in black leather (couldn't find the picture on though) from Bertie.

And last, yesterday, a new addition to my collection: a pair of black shoes, with a black elastic strap, similar with the ones in the picture bellow, only that mines are in patent.

Wow, quite impressed with my self :) I still have an eye on the black quilted ankle boots from Bertie, but i just bought another similar (but very different) pair already this days, and....

All in all, my only regret is that Matthew Williamson doesn't have a shoe "Butterfly" line, to go with all his beautiful bags from Debenhams.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

LV shoes spring 2008

Everybody talked about the LV bags presented last week in Paris Fashion Week. But my opinion is that with all the fuss about the bags, we don't see a very important part of LV world: the shoes. They are the ones to suffer from all the attention we give the bags!

So i decided to present you some gorgeous shoes. If this fall my color is navy, i decided that next spring i will keep the "nautical theme" and migrate to aqua marine as main color.

Just look at the pictures bellow, and tell me that you don't see the perfect shoes. Great shape, and beautiful-beautiful shade of blue-green. And i am amazed by how chic this color matches all the outfits, from yellow dresses, to grey or itself.

red & aqua-marine, cute combination...

On a slightly different touch, but still gorgeous, a pale blue color shoes:

And at the end, let me present you my favorite outfit from the entire runaway:

Outfit for today

Another day at the office...

* striped dress from McQ
* white shirt, Penelope & Monica Cruz for Mango
* gray belt, Pieces
* patent t-bar shoes from H&M (am emergency buy one day, when i left home with some hurtful shoes)

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Outfit for today: Important meeting...

Masculine outfit, but with a feminine, silky touch (the shirt, with the bow around the neck).

* gray pants from Warehouse
* black vest, Morgan
* gray shirt, Steilman
* black slingbacks, Bally

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Outfit for today: Late night movie!

Feeling like a schoolgirl:

* black studded dress from Morgan
* white shirt from Zara
* black opaque tights
* dark gray ankle boots from Ziggo