Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Working day

* H&M zip dress
* Matthew Williamson for H&M peacock pendant
* Bruno Magli blue shoes
* Marc Jacobs bag
* Kevin Geddes jeans jacket
* Zara white shirt

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Wedding 2

The only picture so far where you can at least see the dress!

* Penelope & Monica Cruz dress for Mango
* Michael Kors Juniper black & silver slingbacks

Monday, September 28, 2009


Saturday we went to a wedding, first the church ceremony, and after that party all night long. I don't have YET pictures from the party, so first just the the outfit for going to the church.

* yellow top, Irina Schrotter
* beige sequin skirt, Guess
* YSL Cage sandals
* Kate Moss for Topshop jacket

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Avanpremiere Fashion show

Yesterday evening i attended a small fashion show, part of the Avanpremiere concept.

* Vena Cava for GAP boyfriend jeans
* YSL Cage sandals
* Bally bag
* Mango one-shoulder top
* Morgan blazer
* Matthew Williamson for H&M (men) belt

Monday, September 21, 2009


That is the only jumpsuit i have, was a very cheap buy from La Redoute, and somehow a test to see if this trend can catch me or not. Till now, the result is so-and-so, meaning that i like to wear this one, but i will not buy another jumpsuit anytime soon.

* jumpsuit, La Redoute
* Zuhair Murad for Mango ballerinas
* Accessorize brooch
* Erik pendant, Swarovski
* Stefanel bag

Boyfriend jeans

Bought this pair of Vena Cava x Gap boyfriend jeans from ebay, and i thought a lot about how to wear them. After a lot of failed combinations, i went with the blazer+boyfriend jeans look. How do you like it best? With a longer, manly blazer, or with the short one (my choice for going outside)?

blazer 1{short} by Morgan
blazer 2{long} by Benetton

The rest of the outfit
* khaki boyfriend jeans, Vena Cava for GAP
* t-shirt, H&M
* Matthew Williamson for H&M belt (mens collection)
* Zara sandals
* H&M purple clutch

The only ones i like

I don't usually wear sport shoes. Cause i don't usually do sporty things. But from time to time, if i am going someplace cold and at the mountains and it involves a lot of walking and standing, i wear my favorite pair, the butterflies printed sneaker from the collection design by Alexander McQueen for Puma.

Friday, September 18, 2009

At last, Friday!

* 3.1 Phillip Lim purple dress
* Giles Deacon for New Look gold studded sandals
* Mango necklace
* black belt
* cactus cuff, Mango

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

New skirt

Bought this skirt really (REALLY!) cheap at a Debenhams sale. It is a tad long, but i can't shorten it without destroying the beautiful print.

I actually think it would be better with a black or beige shirt, but i was still sleepy this morning, and this was the result.

* Debenhams Collection printed skirt
* M by Madonna for H&M shirt & belt
* Venera Arapu bag
* Dior Gambler heels

Monday, September 14, 2009

Rainy weekend

* {new} Zara studded jeans
* Kevin Geddes (2007 finalist of the Designer Incubator competition) jeans&leather jacket
* Mango fur-print t-shirt
* Finsk for Faith sandals
* vintage Bally grey clutch

Not a good day

My back aches terribly (probably from reading in an awkward position "Catching fire" - the second book of the "Hunger Games" series for hours last night). And it is already Monday, so i had to wake up early to go to work...

* Diane von Furstenberg printed wrap dress
* Salvatore Ferragamo bow sandals (incredible find - mom's closet shopping)
* Bally vintage grey clutch

Saturday, September 12, 2009

At a civil marriage

Yesterday we took the day of (that's why today i am in the office) and went to a civil marriage.

* Vera Wang dress
* YSL Cage sandals
* Morgan cardigan

Zuhair Murad for Mango shoes

Say they're beautiful!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Black, pink & beige

It is a little bit warmer today, so i got back to wearing dresses.

* French Connection strapeless dress
* Versace pink cardigan
* Zara white shirt
* Zuhair Murad for Mango shoes {beautiful - with pink sequins details}

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

First fall purchase

My first fall purchase: a pair of studded jeans from Zara. Just because i am way too lazy for a DIY.

* Zara studded jeans
* Matthew Williamson for H&M blue blazer
* dirtystory @etsy peacock cuff
* Fendi sandals
* Viktor & Rolf for H&M black top

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Yup! Still fall!

Woke up this morning, still raining outside. Where is the SUMMER? Where does SUMMER go when is FALL here, so i can follow her?

* Victoria's Secret blazer
* Victoria's Secret shirt
* BSB jeans
* Musestte ballerinas
* Shinsuke Kawahara for La Redoute bag

Monday, September 7, 2009

Two days ago

Still at the office, looking at the sad rain outside, i can't believe that only two days ago, on saturday, i was wearing those 2 dresses. Sigh! The summer really ended!

* white lace dress, Zara
* Koton sandals, decorated with shells
* Kate Spade bag

* Matthew Williamson for H&M pink cardigan
* Theory pink strapless dress
* Radley bag
* Chanel pink slides

The first day of fall

This morning, my husband looked at me in amazement. After 4 monhts of dresses, seeing me in jeans is somehow unusual. That is officially the first day of fall, and it sucks! I already miss my dresses, my sunglasses and my sandals. Sigh!

* Penelope & Monica Cruz for Mango jeans
* Zara boots-sandals
* Matthew Williamson for H&M leather jacket
* Mango t-shirt
* Stella McCartney for H&M chain bracelet
* Fendi bag

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The first cardigan

You just know fall is coming, when you first feel the need to search for a cardigan, to wear over your dress.

* Vena Cava for Gap dress
* Matthew Williamson for H&M blue peacock cardigan
* Giles Deacon for New Look silver shoes
* Rocha. John Rocha bow bag for Debenhams