Thursday, June 28, 2007

Rock Star Baby Bear

I bought a silly thing today, but it was so cute - and also in sale (do toys also have seasons, spring-summer toys collection? pre-fall collection?) - and it smile so innocent back at me from his shelf, that i couldn't resist.

Yes, i bought a sweet, fluffy black bear, called the Rock Star Baby Bear. It is part of collection of kids clothes, toys and accesories, designed by Tico Torres (drummer for Bon Jovi band, a respected artist, being with Bon Jovi from the begining) in order to give an alternative for pastels such as baby blue and pink, to parents seeking to dress their children something different.

Doesn't it look sooo cool?

Floral prints on sale is having an extravaganza sale, so it's a good time to invest in some quality clothes, at reduced prices.

Floral prints have been an important trend for this spring, and they will be on top also this summer, and autumn for sure too. So i think it's a good think to choose among the large offer available.

My personal favorites, from, are the following:

Multi-colored floral print short sleeve cotton and silk blouse from Moschino Cheap&Chic, perfect for office or a casual event.

Multi-colored floral print shirt from Paul & Joe Sister.

I actually have this one, perfect with a jeans skirt, from Paul Smith Pink Label.

Multi colored floral print shorts, with a somehow loose fitting, from Anna Sui. I consider buying them, at 100 euro they are a good deal, and perfect for the hot summer days we experience right now in Romania.

Alexander McQueen's suitcases

I read a while ago in Elle about the "Black Label" luggage collection the fashion guru Alexander McQueen designed for Samsonite, and i went to see it in person yesterday at a store here in Duesseldorf.

Although not your ordinary old Samsonite case, the 350euro+ suitcases kinda remind me off a Halloween costume/decoration. And imagine that ghostly white after a trip with the plane. Eh?

The designer declared upon launching that his inspiration where the super-skinny top models (hence the visible ribs), so i think that every top model can accessorizes her self to her travelling luggage.

What do you think about McQueens's suitcases? Hot or not?

And speaking of Alexander McQueen, what do you think about his ready-to-wear moderate price line McQ. I find it a little bit to simple, i'd somehow expected more from this inventive designer...

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Cruz sister, designing for Mango

Today, as leaving a Mango store in Dusseldorf, i noticed a big sign in the window, saying: "Soon Penelope & Monica Cruz collection". So it seems that apart from being next collection image, the Cruz sisters are also into designing (well, the younger one, Monica, has already a line of handbags).

Searching more on the subject online, i learn that the collection is supposed to have around 25 pieces, including top, jackets, trousers and accessories. I could not find when it will be in stores. Do you know anything about it? What do you think the collection will be? I picture bright, happy color clothes, maybe with tones of red or purple.

Well, is seems to me that now-a-days, the celebrities take their role as fashion icons in serious, and are decided to give us not just good example, but also clothes to rely on. Madonna prepared as for office time, while Kate Moss designed a more casual collection. With Kylie clothes, thanks to H&M, we can go at the beach, and for more formal events we always can rely on the 10 dresses Milla did for Mango.

Shopping report: Sales in Duesseldorf

I am in Duesseldorf, Germany for this week, and although the weather is playing tricks on me (14 degrees Celsius here, and i come from a week in Caraibe and a torrid 40 degrees day in Romania, so imagine my surprise, and, of course, my summery wardrobe) i managed to get in town for visiting some stores.

For my pleasure, it seems that till 29 of June is sale time everywhere, so i did some good shopping, not quite heavy though, meaning i stayed away from the big brands, and go only for medium price stores (got to watch my wallet, after a week of exotic holiday, and before a Venice trip planned next week)!

I especially like one pink t-shirt from Anastacia by sOliver, i liked it from Romania, but never really decided in buying it, but at 9 euros it was a sure deal. And to my pleasure, Mango had at sales the collection made for them by the duo Jojovich-Hawk, and i immediately noticed a cute brown silk dress, halfway to my knee, and with large bell sleeves.

The only picture i could find on Internet, posted above, does not give enough credit to the dress. On me it's simply gorgeous, and it is tailored like you can wear it evening and also day time, with the right accessories.

Roberto Cavalli at H&M

A few days ago H&M announced it's new designer collaboration for this autumn, and it's going to be big! After Karl Lagerfeld, Stella McCartney, Viktor & Rolf, the next prime designer to collaborate with the Swedish retailer is no one else then the Italian Roberto Cavalli.

His one-time limited edition collection will be hitting selected stores on 8th November this year, and H&M announced that it will contained 20 clothes for man and 25 for woman, including lingerie and accessories.

As Mr Cavalli declared, "As the first Italian designer in the history of H&M, I enthusiastically welcomed this invitation, proud to bring the lively and positive spirit of my work to a new audience, who will be able to see and interpret my style in an individual way. I love freedom and challenges: breaking down barriers, experimenting in different directions. H&M is all this for me. I will add a dash of festivity and dreams."

I am waiting with very much interest this new designer collection, as Cavalli is one of my favorite designers, and i already thinking about making a plane reservation to some city with H&M stores (probably Duesseldorf, in Germany, because i already very well know everything about shopping here).

Images (c) Hennes & Mauritz
Photographer: Stefano Guindani

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Airplane bag

Every time i have to fly by plane, the same dilemma haunts me: what bag should i choose for the event. It is quite a dilemma, because in my case the airplane bag has to overcome several very important criteria:

* to be big enough to carry pretty heavy stuff: my usual count: passport, airplane tickets, health insurance in a nice leather case; big wallet; make up bag with hand lotion, Avene aqua spray, lip gloss (usually from Estee Lauder), Nivea deo spray, some perfume samples, tissues and many other beauty products that i can't remember right now; 2 pairs of sunglasses (mine's and hb's), witch, depending on case, can have rather bulky cases.

* to be comfortable enough so i can run to catch a plain, or carry it around airport shops several hours

* to match as many outfits as possible, because if i fly somewhere, i always have to come back, and who knows what i will be wearing that day.

This year, and also last year, i choose to go with my pink Escada beach bag (convenient, big and comfy enough), but i wasn't quite happy with the over-all look and the way it matches my airplane outfits.
So nine hours to Curacao, and some more back is enough time to think at this important style matter. I began by study every other woman bag on the plane, and suddenly i knew the answer: the Longchamp Le Pliage is the perfect bag for this kind of occasions.

Existing in every shape you may want, from the classical handbag to big travel bags, back packs, briefcases, totes, cosmetic bags and suitcases, all in several different sizes also, the Le Pliage bag is quite a practical and essential piece for every traveling woman.
When you don't use it, you can fold it in a small coin-wallet size (hence the french name "Pliage").

This year collection goes from tan to natural, delicious tones, like pistachio, chocolate, vanilla or sky blue.

Browsing some more around the Longchamp website ( i discovered a really nice feature: you can create your very own Le Pliage bag in 4 easy steps, and then order it online through their system.

I customized a medium handbag (i think the large one is too bulky), with long handles (so i can wear it on my shoulders), in a delicate beige tone with a bright pink center stripe. I added a golden finish for the metallic accessories and as a personalized detail my name embossed on the bag flap (i feel like a celebrity :) having a personalized bag). You could choose also an embroidery of your name (max 8 characters) on the bag canvas. The total price: 105 euros.

What to you think about Le Pliage LongChamp bags? Are you gonna buy one for yourself?

Shopping report: Curacao

I posted a week or so ago my shopping plan for Curacao. Well, i am happy to report that most of it was accomplished, with some several extras added on the way.

The only thing i could not find was a Curacao lighter, and i search every where, i mean in every street shop, in hotels shops, at the airport. Instead, my husband went with a nice iguana-ash tree.

Except from that, i marked almost every item on my list: i bought a nice ostrich egg from the ostrich farm, and, by miracle, i was able to return with it in one piece, an African emerald green bangle (a nice addition to my collection) and some fridge magnets with iguanas (very popular on the island). Blue (and some other nice colors too) Curacao liqueur for my friends and family and also some traditional Caribbean rum cake which i bought from an airport shop.

For the beauty part of the list, i bought some Aloe Vera products (soaps and insect repellent) made in Curacao.

My art-self feels also accomplished, considering that i bought 3 (pretty expensive) colorful paintings by local artists, one being a present for my mother birthday and the other 2 for our apartment (we are renovating right now our new apartment, so these days i am always looking for stuff for decorating it). One of the paintings is a tempera made by Jean Girigori (, and the others are aqua colors by a local artist named Coby.

I was somehow not in the mood for clothes shopping, although i found some really nice shops, like Tommy Hilfiger, Guess or Calvin Klein, with very good prices. The only cloth-item i picked was a last minute, airport shopping, nice Curacao orange t-shirt for my husband, with the text "Curacao - Dutch Caribbean" accompanying a lion and an iguana on the back.

6ixty 8ight lingerie

Speaking about lingerie, right now i am totally addicted to 6ixty 8ight bras. When it comes to bras, i overcame many phases during the years: i was a La Perle fan (pretty hurting my wallet) and an Sarrieri (famous Romanian lingerie brand) faithful customer.
But last year, while in Germany, i came across 6ixty 8ight lingerie, and totally felt for it.

As their slogan says, they are a "ready-to-wear" lingerie brand, with a rather different concept: every month they offer new products, inspired by the current fashion trends, in many different shapes that suits every body form and taste.

The trend for this month collection is marine with navy & white stripes, plain blue or white bras and matching knickers. Like every month, the collection has 2 main colors: navy blue and white, which come just right after May's strong contrast between red and white, April's calm indigo blue & vanilla combination and March's ultra feminine rose and light blue.

The 2 main colors are combined in different prints, providing another strong link to ready-to-wear trends. Some embroided pieces are available, with discreet details with an extremely sexy and feminine. Several shapes are offered, from t-shirt bra to push-up and balconet. I pref fer for my self the balconet t-shirt bra, which i think it's the most comfortable shape a bra can have. But of course, the choice is yours, and every shape has it's advantages.

I allowed myself to indulge in several bras (4 actually), a push-up navy & white stripes, a plain blue balcony and 2 more from last month red & white theme (they were on sale!)

Learn more about them visiting their website:

Escada, my love

If i ever have to stuck with only one designer brand, i think i will definitely choose Escada. I love every single clothe they make (although i am not so crazy about the way their pants fit). But other that that, i absolutely love their simple, yet stylish approach to every trend, each year.

Their clothes are feminine, classy, with that always stylish elegance, that can't be attached to only one year trends, but is always in fashion.

I also like to way that Escada uses pink in all it's collection, so the clothes are fun and feminine, exactly my taste.

Escada Sport has a line of extremely nice t-shirts and tops, that basically go with every kind of casual outfit. Each season i buy 2 or 3 t-shirts from Escada Sport, and i am sure that they will be the key pieces for my wardrobe for some time. As you can see bellow, for next fall Escada Sport has an interesting casual collection, combining colours like brown and red, for a sophisticated, yet easy look.

If we talk about dresses, I think that Escada has always stunning evening dresses (although kind of pricey). Last year i was totally in love with a gold evening dress, but it was about 2000 euros, so i just lust after it :) (i saw the same dress at an outlet yesterday - first picture bellow, and it was about 1000 euros now, but still kind of expensive...and, fortunately for my wallet, not my size either).

Evening dresses from 2007 pre-fall collection

I also love their shoes and bags. One of my best buys ever is an Escada beach bag from 2 years ago, a very good deal from 400 down to 100 euros (lucky me :) ), that is still my favorite for summer holidays beach days.

As i mentioned before in this post, yesterday i was to at the designer outlet near Wien (my favorite shopping mall ever) that has an Escada store (with selections from both Escada Couture and Escada Sport discounted clothes). I bought a nice yellow (remember, yellow bag obsession?) t-shirt and a pink top at very reasonable prices. But the real trophy was a pink silk Escada Couture evening top, from a huge 849 euros retail price, down to as little as 49 euros (as hard to believe, it is true!!). It was the last remaining piece, and, my luck, it was a perfect fit size 36!!

I also added yet another pink leather keyring to my extended collection of such items (i don't actually use them as key rings, i just like to play with them, hanging on different bags for interesting effects).

I saw also a nice pink gold chain leather belt at 49 euros, but i somehow hesitated in buying it (i already have a similar one in white from Aldo), but now the gold chain leather belt obsession is back :). When i will go back to Romania next week, i think i will pay another visit to outlet, and buy that belt so i can peace my mind :)

Monday, June 18, 2007

Outfit for today: Swimming with dolphins

The plan for today is to visit the dolphins at Curacao Dolphin Academy. My other plan for today is what to wear for this occasions: my "H&M loves Kylie" blue mini-skirt, matched with a white halter-neck top from Morgan. Of course, i will wear also my fav beach flip-flops from Versace.

Off to breakfast now, see you later!

Homage to Gianfranco Ferre

The 62 years Italian designer Gianfranco Ferre died Sunday in a Milan hospital, of a massive brain hemorrhage.

The architech Gianfranco Ferre made his debut in fashion in 1969, when Vogue featured his creations in a layout. Since then, he is been known for his studied creations, in tones of beiges, creams and rich shades of brown, suddenly combined with vibrant colours like red or cyclamen pink.

Hi's also the first non-french designer to become artistic director at fashion house Dior. The combination was not well received by the most important faces in fashion, like Giorgio Armani, how, at the time, commented: "You'd think [the French] could find someone talented enough amongst themselves."
And it looked that they were somehow right, because the solidly build clothes, with inspiration from Ferre architectural background, were not really compatible with Dior ultra-feminine looks.

With Mattioli, Ferre opens his own brand in 1970, expanding in the 80s also to menswear, flagrance, sunglasses and a haute couture collection.

Among Ferre faithfull clients, you can count international stars like Sophia Loren, Julia Roberts, Oprah Winfrey and Barbra Streisand.

His 2007 ready-to-wear collection, presented in September last year, in Milan, combined this year glam-sport look with a nautical theme, in a serie of somehow men-inspired outfits. The white and beige are the omnipresent colours.

He completed his collection with flamenco-inspiration dresses, in a combination of ruffle, polka dots, contrast stripes and laces.

His last collection, the 2008 spring-summer men line, is to be presented next week in Milan.

Lolita Lempicka's lingerie at etam

I heard about the collection Lolita Lempicka designed for Etam for a very long time, but only a few days before going to Curacao for holidays i was able to check it and shop it, at an Etam store in Paris.

The collection contains 30 items, lingerie and street wear as well. Unfortunately, last week was a very long time after the official launching, so i could only find only some remaining dresses and camisoles.

I bought the white Lauren dress with big plastic buttons (a la Marc Jacobs) although it was a size bigger, because i really like it's style (and as soon i arrive back home i have to adjust it to fit me).

The silk camisole i also bought is my size, and i took it with me on Curacao. The soft material is perfect for these warm tropical nights, and the easy cut for those sunburns that catch me no matter what i do. Also, it is quite sexy, with cream embroidered details, so it is perfect for a romantic holiday in couple...

Other items i also liked, but didn't had the chance to find available:

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Outfit for today: Visiting ostrich farm

So, as i said, i am in holiday, in Curacao. Today we are going to visit the Curacao Ostrich Farm, to see some big birds, and even a few crocodiles. As well, they have an African Restaurant, and, very interesting, an art shop. So, i am hoping for a very nice and fullfilling trip.

For this occasion, i went with a sporty-chic look, choosing a pink mini-skirt from Lacoste, and a white tank with a big bow on the back from H&M. The flip-flops are my favorite shoes for summer, from Gucci.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Shopping plan: Curacao

This Thursday i am leaving for holiday, in Curacao, Netherlands Antilles.
I am a very organized person, so before going somewhere for the first time i like to make lists with things to see, things to do, places to eat and, of course, things to shop.

I don't especially "need" to buy clothes in exotic destinations such as Curacao (but if the opportunity is in front of me, why not? :) ), but i am looking more for some other categories of items, like souvenirs, local pieces of art etc.

As i read on different websites on Curacao, the shops there are tax-relax, which means that the VAT applied is smaller comparing to other countries. Also, Curacao used to be a major trade centre in the Caribbean, so the shops there are packed with quality items from all around the globe.

It looks that things like digital cameras, sunglasses and high class designer clothes can be bought at relatively low prices (more that 30% lower that the prices in US for example).
That's why i decided to pay a visit to some fashion boutiques (located in the Punda district, as i read in online travel reviews), maybe i can find some good deals. Other that that, the word "reduced sunglasses" popped in front of my eyes, so i will search for a pair of Police shades that i just want forever for my husband.

The Punda district in Curacao

As i said before, i don't have a habit in going clothes shopping in exotic destinations, but if something is really nice i will make an exception. The "specific", "local", "traditional" clothes or accessories are of course not included in this rule; I like to buy hand-made necklaces or some other jewelleries from different places in the world (for example i have a nice carved-wood bangle from this year Easter Trip in Greece, great with any easy-going summer outfit, and, last year, in Bora Bora - French Polynesia, i developed an obsession for black pearls- among others, i bought a very expensive 14mm diameter pearl, which i wear almost all the time). I also like to buy a piece of traditional clothes. In Tahiti i was crazy about the colourful flower dresses or shirts the local used to wear all the time, so i bought for myself a pink dress, and a blue & white shirt for my husband. I also stocked with several pareos, with different colors and designs (one was hand-painted in front of my eyes by a local artist...very nice!).

So i am sure that this year, in Curacao, i will find some very nice hand made coral jewelleries, or some other things the local artisans sell.

I plan also to buy some local liqueur (the blue Curacao). I like the taste of it (so i will purchase some nice little cute bottles for my self, but it is also a great souvenir gift for friends or relatives.

Back home, i have an extended collection of fridge magnets. If you look on my fridge door, you can see all the places I've seen during the years. So i will definitely buy a nice Curacao fridge magnet to add to my collection.

Another must-purchase is a Curacao lighter. My husband collects them, and we always laugh when, for example, in Bora Bora, he uses a Ischgl (Austrian ski destination) lighter, and in Ischgl he lights his cigarettes with a Bora Bora one.

I've read about the ostrich farm in Curacao, and planned a visit there. They have a nice art shop inside, where you can buy hand-painted ostrich eggs. That's a nice adding to my art collection from all-around the globe!

The last chapter in this shopping plan is the beauty section. I like to buy local beauty products made of famous local ingredients. For example: when in Greece i always buy olives beauty products (i am addicted to body lotion and shower gel) and in Tahiti i like the Tiare (small white flower, very popular in French Polynesia) massage oil, which is perfect for tan skin and has a very nice flagrance.
In the many reviews about Curacao I've read ever since i decided that this Caribbean island is going to be my next summer destination, every body is excited about the Aloe Vera beauty products made here. There is also an Aloe Vera farm, where you can learn all about this curing plant, so i am sure they have an interesting shop.

So, to summarize:
* search Police sunglasses at a very good price
* buy some hand-made local jewellery by local artist (maybe coral?)
* good deal designer clothes
* art (and i don't go for cheap items!)
* Curacao blue liqueur (for me, friends and family)
* Curacao fridge magnet
* Curacao lighter
* hand painted ostrich egg
* some more souvenirs
* Aloe Vera beauty products

What are you planning to buy in your holiday?

Friday, June 8, 2007

Gold chain leather belt, shopping update

A few days ago i was telling everybody about the gold chain leather belt i wanted, and the dilemma between choosing the Miu Miu one, or similar looking, cheaper one from Aldo.

Well, after carefully looking into my wallet, i finally bought the 30 euros belt from Aldo, and for difference i treated myself with some more Frederik Fekkai hair products.

Summer Hair Sun Bandana

An invisible heat-activated shield, to protect my hair from drying and frying when exposed to sun, salt or chlorine. It is oil free and color safe.

Romain Afflelou sunglasses free, for 80 euros spent at Sephora shops

Romain Afflelou ( is the third child of Alain Afflelou, the well-known optician from France.
After being a DJ in several important clubs, Romain changed track, and returned to the familial business, launching several well-received collection of glasses.
He had several collaborations with some fashion chains in France, like jennyfer or Sinequanone, and soon he will launch a special collection for Real Madrid.

Now, starting the 15Th of June, you can receive a free pair of Romain Afflelou sunglasses if you shop at a Sephora store for at least 80 euros, which, after me, is a very nice deal, considering that the shades available for this promotion have quite stylish designs.

At the Sephora shop near me, there were 2 models available: one in black, with big lenses, and another one, with slightly smaller lenses, in a nice rich dark brown.
Although my first choice were the brown ones (because i already have another black pair from Guess), i end up with the black model, they fitted my face better.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Shopping basket: La Redoute

Those last days i found myself wandering through La Redoute online shop. I never thought of it like an interesting store, but now i noticed that they actually have quite a nice selection of clothes by some brands i fancy, like Morgan, Antik Batik or Paul and Joe Sister.

So i begun looking more carefully, and those are the items that caught my eye:

Sweat adidas by Stella McCartney - an easy going outfit perfect for a long car drive, or for shopping

Embroided Tunic by ANTIK BATIK for La Redoute - nice style for this summer

T-shirt by Morgan - nice colour, and flattering cut

White top by Paul and Joe Sister - perfect for going to the beach

I actually wanted to buy them right then, but because I'm leaving for holiday in a few days, and that's the first time i shop online with La Redoute, i wasn't sure when the order will arrive, and i didn't want to catch me out of country. So, if i won't spent all my money on those Curacao Caribbean shops that sure wait for me, i will definitely shop La Redoute when i get back.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Pure lust: gold chain leather belts

Although i have a very large collection of belts back home, all sizes and colours, i found myself wanting badly a gold chain white leather belt. I am not sure yet what outfits will be best to match with this kind of quite extravagant (for my way of dressing) belt, but i simply must have one.

My fav would be the Miu Miu white skinny patent leather and gold chain belt available on

An affordable version is available at Aldo (, and now i am in a hard dilemma, regarding which direction to go: the prime-designer expensive belt from Miu Miu, or it's cheap copy (although still leather, i hate those plastic leather-looking belts) from Aldo.

In the same trend, i also found this cute vintage Chanel belt on ebay, but, although it looks nice, i think it is just to much gold for me.

A slight different style, but still very in trend right now, is the chic and functional brown leather gold chain Prada belt, ideal for daily use:

So, two questions for you: what kind of clothes work best with those belts, and which one should i choose, Aldo or Miu Miu?

H&M loves Kylie

Another "special", limited collection is available at H&M, and this time is born out of a collaboration with pop singer Kylie Minogue.

Minogue is the face of the new 2007 summer collection, but also the inspiration behind "H&M loves Kylie" limited beachwear line, that hitted the stores mid-may.

Even though Kylie said that she didn't design the line herself, the designers at H&M inspired from the personal style of the diva, in creating a range of swim suits, beachwear and matching accessories, including one halter neck swimming suit, made after the pop princess's favorite vintage 60's bath suit.

Although the collection is in the stores for some time now, I checked it personally just yesterday, and i found it extremely fun, with the vibrant colours, and the gold and silver accents. The style is very glamour-relax, excellent for going at the beach in fashion.

The white and black plastic sunglasses, with an aqua blue and green design on the interior, are for sure the highlight of the collection. I bought for myself the white version, and i absolutely love it. A silver case for them was also available, with a cute rhinestones "K" logo attached.

I also bought the mini skirt, the blue&green version, and it is simply adorable, with the same metallic "K" logo in front.

What i also wanted to buy, but it was available only in white, was the blue beach dress pictured bellow. I thought that it had an interesting cut, perfect for rides in the car to the sea. I will definitely search for it at another stores.

Other accesories from Kylie's collection: a pareo, a beach bag and a versatile scarf that you could wear in your hair or as a belt.