Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Romanian designers (I) Collections presented at Ford Supermodels of the world 2007

I've already presented here the finalist and also the winner. Now i will write about the fashion part of the show.

The "Casual wear" was the first round the models had to pass in order to win the competition.
The outfits were from Claudia Castrase 's "Smart eyesight" collection.

The 12 outfits are simple, casual, yet extremely elegant with inspirations from Japanese costumes. Yet the colors are very European and very this season. Gray is the main color, and it's shades are boosted by bold red accents (i especially liked the red bows and red shoes).

After the first round, Adrian Oianu (young Romanian designer) presented a small collection. Only tunic dresses, from neutral colors to dramatic yellow, all reiterating the same simple square form. Big sleeves, zippers and straight cuts that give volume to the outfit: those are the elements that characterize Adrian Oianu's style. My favorite dress from the show was the last one posted bellow, an all-brown dress, with define waist.

The "Evening dresses" for the models in contest were created by Agnes Toma, a known evening outfits designer in Romania.

Before announcing the winner, one last collection was presented. This time we could see some of Wilhelmina Arz creations. Subtle elegance and original tailoring. Plus the flowers for a feminine touch and a spectacular effect.

Ford Supermodel of the world

Yesterday i attended the Romanian final of the contest Ford Supermodel of the world.
Apart from the contest itself, there where several fashion collection presented, which i will comment in a later post.

Now the 12 supermodels that "fought" over the title:

and the 3 winners (the one in center is the girl that will go to world final.

Monday, November 26, 2007


My attraction to wearing gloves is almost infallible. Besides the aesthetic factor (i love the way an outfit is completed by wearing gloves), my hands are my Ahile heel, being always cold.

My gloves styles for this winter are:

- xxlong ones, i already bought 2 pairs, one gray and one black
- car gloves, with cut fingers and little holes
- red arm warmers (fail to find the perfect ones so far)

As from where to buy them, i was lucky enough to find a little store that sells gloves made in a Romanian factory. They have all kinds of gloves, in a lot of different colors. Crazy as i am, i bought 4 pairs in one day: pink, gray xxlong, gray driver and simple black.

Asos has a pretty decent collection of leather gloves:

They say that the black fingerless gloves are in Victoria Beckam's style and i simply adore the button short pair of gray gloves. Yet, i want to order the navy double bow detail ones. So feminine and elegant!

Topshop is another store that i enjoy browsing through its collection of gloves:

I think i prefer this color for fingerless kinda of gloves, and the stud cuff gloves are simply glamorous.

And if you want to spend a small fortune on a pair of gloves, i can recommend you 2 that i lust over, from Burberry Prorsum:

They are gorgeous, but the quilted material and the chunky knitted wrist are so yelling this season, that i find it very hard to pay for them 250€ or 670€.

Outfit for Sunday Theatre

Yesterday we went to see the Chicago Musical at TNB (National Theatre). Great show, we really enjoyed it!

My outfit:
* old blue skirt from Morgan
* black top, Anastacia by s'Oliver
* black tights, black boots
* patent clutch (a gift from a magazine this month)
* double black belt, Marc o'polo

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Outfit & shopping on a saturday in the mountains

Saturday morning we wake up very early, and went straight to the mountains. While my husband spend the entire day skiing, i walk through Sinaia, and did some shopping.

My outfit was simple, comfy and sporty. I usually dress casual-elegant, but i love these trips when i can dress so relaxing.

* jeans Super Low Bootcut from Wrangler
* t-shirt Ralph Lauren
* sweater Tommy Hilfiger
* pink jacket from Diesel
* brown bag from Coccinelle

To my delight, a textile fair was held on that day in Sinaia's Park, so i splurged myself with some good shopping. My main purchases: 2 pair of shoes i am totally in love with.

One pair is from Bronx, the Rita peep toe boots, in a lovely cognac color. In the picture bellow they appear in black & fossil. Although my initial choice was fossil, they didn't have my size, so i bought the cognac ones. Now i am glad i did that, because the rich Cognac color gives such a nice contrast to a pair of brown tights. Cute!

The other pair is from John Rocha's collection for Debenhams. It is black and kinda bulky, but in a feminine way. Could not find a picture with them though, and i totally forgot to do one this morning at home...

Other than that i also bought a pink leather bolero. It is so cute, but sadly i will have to wait for the spring to wear it!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Outfit for today: Chilly weather

* See by Chloe navy skirt
* pink sweater from Castro
* white polo shirt from Castro
* pink coat from Irina Schrotter
* grey over the knee boots from Stefanel
* grey scarf, Marks&Spencer

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Outfit for an evening out

Yesterday we were invited to the opening of Dakino, Romanian Movie Festival.
I decided it is the right occasion to try my new tuxedo suit from Cavalli:

* tuxedo suit Roberto Cavalli for H&M
* white shirt Tom Taylor (kids departement - they have the best shirts, they fit really well - tight, and they cost 50% less that the adults ones :) )
* patent black shoes from Principles, Debenhams
* vintage gold pendant, a gift from my husband, for our 7th anniversary

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Highstreet stores

Among ebay purchases, designer items, cheap finds from factory stores in Romania, a main supply of clothes (at least for me) are the highstreet stores. Mango, Zara, BSB, they all have trendy clothes, inspired by the latest fashion shows from Milan, New York or Paris (Mango even has a limited collection for every "fashion city", with clothes inspired by the trends there).

Among all, Zara is my least favorite. I can't deny that occasionally i buy a (mostly basic or a so this season that is not worth spending more on it) item from it, but i don't like the way they literally copy every trend the big guns designers launch in their fashion shows. Banana heels a la Miu Miu? Go to Zara to buy them at a 10% of the price... Degrade coat like we saw in the Prada shows? Yup, Zara has it! And so on... Apart from their designer almost identical clothes, they do have a nice range of basics: classic shirts and blazers, ok suits at reasonable prices, that don't change much from one season to the other (of course, that's why they are called classics).

Mango has a different policy that Zara: they take a trend and they simplify it. Mango does not sell naughty clothes or adventurous ones. No sir, only nice clothes for nice persons. Yup! That is Mango! Yet again, you can find cute items (i especially like to go to a Mango outlet - the one near Wien is quite ok - and enjoy huge discounts). And i like that they had some initiative and begun those celebrity collaboration with Milla Jojovich and Penelope Cruz. A fresh breeze, although they didn't make such a huge impact on the public comparing with the H&M collaborations.

But among the high street stores, I've recently made a rediscover. Stefanel is a high street store all right, but it seems to me that its clothes has personality of their own. Stefanel takes a trend, and gives it "Stefanel" personality. The collection every season seems unitary, and not a bunch of different designer-inspired clothes gathered together. But, hellas, i could see a weak point: the prices! Stefanel prices are a little bit higher than Zara or Mango or BSB, and that my friends is quite sadly, considering the fact that i want like a zillion tops and blouses from this season collection only!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Outfit for a lazy Sunday

It is fun to dress in "collaboration only" items (meaning clothes from different collections by different designers for high street stores :):

* jeans Roberto Cavalli for H&M collection
* white shirt designed by Penelope & Monica Cruz for Mango
* belt M by Madonna for H&M
* bracelet by Cavalli for H&M

Not in picture: coat Viktor & Rolf for H&M

Friday, November 16, 2007

In my makeup bag: Guerlain mania

Speaking of makeup, i am known for my many mood changes towards different brands, especially for eye shadows. As for other things like mascara, lipstick and so on, i was quite faithful: Lancome Mascara (different types though) for years and Estee Lauder lipstick for a decade.

But going back to eye shadow, the highlight of a makeup in my opinion...
I had my Givency moment, and my Dior years. Then, my Chanel history, a love and hate story: i love their shadows, i hate the prices. Now it seems that i am into Guerlain, and that is a decision to last. I simply adore Guerlain makeup, and i am not speaking only about eye related products. No, no, i love their face powder (cute little colorful beads, oh!) and i also manage to find a very cute silky lipstick from their KissKiss collection. Not pink, but definitely not brownish, classic, elegant, resistant: Rose Malicieux!. My kind of lipstick!

At the moment in my makeup bag:

* Emilio Pucci for Guerlain make up case (i have everything here, mascara etc, but at home i only use the eye shadows; great on trips because it is so small and compact and basically contains everything you need)

* YSL Ombre Solo Double Effect in a metallic blue (for my Miu Miu metallic navy heels)

* Guerlain Kiss Kiss Rose Malicieux lipstick

* Meteorites Powder from Guerlain (2 color combinations, one for extra shine and light, one with a subtle hint of bronze)

* Givenchy Prismissime eye shadows, summer edition (bright, colorful palette, i like the fact that i can make like a dizzilion combinations)

* Maybelline mascara

Besides those above, i still have a lot of make up sets from my Channel/Dior periods... I know that in theory you should throw away your make up after six months (come on, if you want to finish an eye shadow in six months, you should buy only one very small piece, and i can't do that... when i see all those nice colors on shelves in the store, i can't resist!) but i can't! I honestly say that I've never ever finished to the bottom a case of eye shadows. I simply buy to many in a small period of time.

And my newest purchases:

- when returning from Dusseldorf last week i spotted the Jeweled Makeup Necklace For The Lips from Dior. Gush! I love the collector pretty things Dior creates every season. I am addicted to collecting them!

- today i went in town with some business... On the way back i saw in a window display the new collection of make up CYNTHIA ROWLEY created for Avon. I've read the news in the paper, and i was somehow interested. And at Avon prices, i said why not?! I bought the lipstick, in a Rose Petal color and a black mascara (to have when i will finish the one i am using now). I don't know how the quality is, but the flowery design it sure is nice!

A final note: as in clothes, i fail to resist this limited, special blah blah collaborations between designers and different kinds of brands (Emilio Pucci and Guerlain, that is a classy one though, Cyntia Rowley for Avon (i would never bought an Avon product if it wasn't with the C.R. name on it) etc.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Outfits for a week: Rainy trip to Dusseldorf

Rainy and dark weather for our trip in Dusseldorf. Perfect time for my over-the-knee boots and new trench coat from Cavalli for H&M.

Cavalli Launching - Comfy clothes needed!

Shorts See by Chloe, boots from Stefanel, sweater Guess

Shopping session - Colaboration only clothes!

Jeans by Penelope & Monica Cruz for Mango, shirt by Cavalli for H&M

Anniversary dinner, 7 years together!

Logo dress from Moschino, white shirt from Penelope & Monica Cruz for Mango, gray ankle boots, Woldorf grey opaque tights

Sunday walking through city

Coat from Viktor & Rolf collection for H&M, Stefanel boots, pants from S'Oliver

To the airport

Black trench, Cavalli for H&M, boots Stefanel

Window shopping in Dusseldorf

Please enjoy a walk through Konigsallee, the biggest (and most expensive) shopping bulevard in Dusseldorf. We will pass across Escada, Armani, Ermenegildo Zegna, Toni Gard, United colors of Benetton, Jill Sander, Marc O'Polo, Stefanel, Prada (notice the weird hats and cool socks) and many more...