Sunday, June 29, 2008

Button up the skirt please

I was bored and in pain (cause of a wisdom tooth), and so to keep my mind busy i decided to make some changes to some of my plain skirt.

First, there was this Mango old navy skirt, simple, with small flower embroideries. But with 3 large buttons, it is another skirt already!

Then, this Thalian coral skirt i bought only because i liked the shade and it was extremely cheap. But i never wear it because somehow it misses something. Those 2 navy buttons were from an H&M jacket to whom i had to change the buttons because i lost one. First i thought to sew them in center, but then i decided to put them left and right, like pocket buttons.

What do you think?

Friday, June 27, 2008

Yay or nay: Origami dress

Beside my eternal search for office shirts, today i was looking for a dress to wear tomorrow at a family reunion.

I tried this origami dress (at sale) from Stefanel, but i was not convinced...

What do you think? Yay or nay?

Gold dress

Although i could not find any much needed work shirts, Mango has by far the best sale-selection till now. Yesterday i went again, and i ended up with this gold dress.

I was immediately attracted to it because it reminded me of Nicole Kidman's commercial for Chanel...

Wedding bands... or just rings?

The wedding band search ended for me a long time ago, but today i came across a nice variation on the classic name writting on the back of the ring: fingerprints of your spouse. What a lovely idea... So lovely that if i can find someone to make for me something like this here in Romania, i might give it a try with a regular ring...

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Shoes, shoes and even more shoes!

I recently discovered that has an "Les Aubaines" section, with last years clothes&shoes&accessories. Nothing very interesting till now, right? But the prices, and the discounts... are incredible. I spent a little over 100 euros on several pair of shoes, some bags and lots of t-shirts. The shoes (original over 100 euros) are discounted around 80%. And so are the bags. One of the bags i bought was 94% discounted... that's a discount i've never seen!

And here are the shoes:

Cacharel flowery shoes

1 (ONE) euro discounted from 100 euros

Paul and Joe sister platforms

26 euros discounted from 130 euros

Red tennis shoes from courreges

15 euros discounted from 60 euros

Outfit for today: Orange & khaki

* Marimekko for H&M large bag
* Sisley orange tank top
* very old skirt & shoes (no brand)
* skinny belt, Chloe
* bracelet, Roberto Cavalli for H&M

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Incredible ... trench coat

Yesterday we went to see The Incredible Hulk, simply because no other movie that we did not see was at that particular hour.

While the movie was regular, with no particular surprising thing (except maybe Robert Downey Jr apparition at the end), what attracted me was Betty's (Hulk's girlfriend) wardrobe, the trench coat being my favorite.

Searching online for some pictures with it, i discovered that Marvel auctioned some of the clothes in the movie, including the above mentioned trench on ebay, but the trench was the only one with 0 bids!! Well, it is quite understandable, considering the starting price of $1200.


Among the huge stamp display at EFIRO, there was a section dedicated to old Romanian postman outfits. Pretty impressive, and extremely decorated.

Some pictures:

Actually, i would love to have such a decorated cloak.

And the descriptive text for the outfits above:

Monday, June 23, 2008

Your own Hermes Kelly Bag

Every star has one, and you and me sure dream about owning one. Well, maybe i will sometime be able to get one, but for now i am glad to get my hands on a paper version.

Hermes is kind enough to provide us with 8 paper versions, that you can download from its website. You can choose among 7 models, or the blank one to design yourself, print it on a piece of paper (my advice is to choose thick paper, not regular one, for a better hold) and glue the bag as indicated. And voila! You have your own little fancy Hermes Kelly bag, where you can store important papers, jewelry or other small objects.

Or you can download the entire 8 versions, and start a collection!

My favorite is the Gregoire Kelly bag, but all the others have a certain appeal. I saved them all, and I will try soon to print them on thick paper, see how that works.

Patricia Field’s Destination Style New York

Patricia Field, the famous head designer of the even more famous series&movie Sex and the City is launching in collaboration with HSN, a home shopping network, an exclusive 50 pieces collection.

As stated, the collection will have a SATC flair, with pieces like the giant flower dress Carrie is featuring in the movie and many others inspired by Field's career as a stylist and retailer. The range retails from $39 to $199 and is slated to release on September 23rd on TV and for five days only.

Sadly, from Romania we will not be able to purchase such items, but i am curious just as well to see what the red hair stylist can produce.

Outfit for today: New Mango skirt

Yesterday i went to Plaza Bucuresti, just for a quick shopping session. But for my delight almost all shops had already sales. I bought a skirt and a clutch from Mango, and i tried some shirts from Zara (but did not like them). I also bought a pair of ballerinas from Puma, 50% discounted.

* Mango white&gold high waist skirt
* orange sleeveless shirt from Zara
* Salvador Sapena white sandals
* silver ring bought in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Efiro 2008

Today we went to see EFIRO 2008, the World Philatelic Exhibition, celebrating 150 years from the issue of the first Romanian postal stamps, the famous “Bull Head”.

* dress Zara
* xxl clutch, Cristhelen B. by Musette
* slides Fiorangelo

Outfit for today: Here come the summer dresses...

I begun OPERATION SUMMER CLOSET before leaving for Mexico, but i managed to bring upfront all my summer dresses only a few days ago.

Yesterday we spent a lazy afternoon drinking fresh juice and eating chocolate mousse in Pitesti, my hb home town.

* Mango dress
* Marc Jacobs heels
* Bally bag

Friday, June 20, 2008

Outfit for today: Tsssshirt

Today i had a busy day, and not in the office, so i needed a comfy outfit:

* Khaki Tsssirt by Andreea Raicu
* skirt from Stefanel
* Dior logo flats

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Outfit for today: Painted blue

Yesterday i went to check out the new Tssshirt by Andreea Raicu
collection at an Irina Schrotter shop, and i bought a tshirt from it and a skirt from Irina Schrotter & Andreea Raicu collaboration.

* Irina Schrotter & Andreea Raicu blue painted skirt
* Zara white shirt
* Marc Jacobs blue sandals

Perfect for travel shoes

Remember my shoes dilemma before leaving for Mexico? Well, it seams i am not the only one... check out today's Cathy comics (one of my favorite daily comic strips, beside Garfield)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Summer boots

Yup, i did it! I bought leather boots in June. Well, you can imagine, i will not wear them as well, but the Fringe Steven Madden boots from VS were something i was eyeing for some time now, but at 199$ they were a little bit too pricey boots for a March buy. But now, in June, and discounted at 159$ everything makes much more sense to me...

Oh! I can just picture myself wearing them with a short skirt or a pair of skinny jeans... But unless i plan a trip to Antartica soon, i will have to wait a long time!

Outfits for a week in Mexico

One day in Mexico City

We stayed at a Sheraton in Centro Historico, and we walked for a few hours around the city center. We were lucky to see a military parade, and we visited some churches.

* yellow pants, Mango
* pink top, no brand
* Antik Batik bag
* blazer from Mango

One week in Puerto Vallarta

Everyday we had breakfast at El Palmar restaurant, inside our Westin.

* pink dress from Morgan (my all-time favorite dress)
* 10$ sun glasses bought from Mexico City (i completely forgot to bring with me a pair of sunglasses)

* vintage beach dress with a tropical print i love, from ebay
* gold Gisele Bundchen "Ipanema" flip flops
* yellow belt from American Apparel

Beach time
Then it was went to the beach (except for the raining days, when we went shopping, but that's another chapter).

* Mango shorts
* Elizabeth Hurley for Mango beach caftan
* gold Gisele Bundchen "Ipanema" flip flops

* beach pareo bought in Bora Bora two years ago
* the same 10$ sunglasses (during this week i became quite attached to those sunglasses)

Obvious, shopping
We had some shopping sessions, Puerto Vallarta has several malls: Vallarta Galleries is the new one, and Liverpool department store was quite nice (Hilfiger, Victoria's Secret, sixty eight lingerie...), and Peninsula was a small shopping center, where Lacoste was the main attraction.

* striped dress and orange dress, both from Victoria's Secret
* Escada bag

Going out in the evening
Each evening it was a new restaurant to test. Cafe des Artistes is an exquisite restaurant (but very expensive), Vista Grill has an impressive view over Puerto Vallarta and Le Bistro serves food with a french flair.

* Mango clutch
* Zara butterfly dress
* Lauren Moffat orange dress
* BSB green sequin top
* Penelope and Monica Cruz for Mango cream skirt
* gold shoes (no brand)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Shoes of Amsterdam

We spent a day in Amsterdam on our way back from Mexico, and one hour shopping for some warm clothes, because it was freezing cold in Holland (comparing to our Mexico-friendly clothes).

I bought some quick clothes from H&M, and then i window-shopped some more. Amsterdam's street style is a weird one. Lots of color, weird combinations, even weirder hair style. But the weirder of all are the shoes, especially men's.

Women's shoes are a little more moderated, but still with a lot of color and colorful details.

Sex and the City: the movie

Because i was far away on Mexican land, i could not attend the Sex and the City official premiere here in Bucharest.

Returning to Romania, i was extremely anxious to go and see the damn movie everybody was talking about, so the first day i bought very bad tickets (right in front of the screen) just to see it already.

The movie's story was everything i expected (as i did read some spoilers, although i tried very hard to keep me away from them). The movie's fashion was more than i expected :) and i left the cinema with a great shopping appetite... Carrie was inventive as always, Charlotte sweet and feminine, Samantha extravagant and Miranda (my hb favorite) classical and chic.

I will not bother you with the story line (because everybody knows it by now). Just a few random thoughts:

* I did not like Carries Westwood gown. Really! Nor the blue bird. But i did like the Vera Wang wedding dress, the first one from the Vogue shoot. I would love one like this for my wedding...

* Except for Charlotte, who had a much funnier part in the movie that in the series (the "I curse the moment you were born" scene was just hilarious), i found the acting of the other 3 some how bland, and a bit exaggerated (what's with all those hysterical laughs??)

* Carrie's newly redecorated apartment did not seem very Carrie to me. It was too modern, too white, as well as a little too kitchy for Carrie's love of vintage, retro looking, unusual combinations style


Yesterday night was my mother's birthday, and we celebrated it at a Lebanese restaurant, located right near the new and only Louis Vuitton boutique in Romania, inside Marriot Bucharest. Somehow i ended up with an all-Mango outfit.

* Mango off-white jacket
* Osman Yousefada for Mango one-shoulder black dress
* patent pink sandals, Mango
* black sequin clutch, Miss Sixty

PS: Sorry for the delayed updating of the blog, I've just returned from my Mexico Holiday. I am gathering and filtering pictures right now, so more on my Mexican adventure later today.

Playing for pizza

While in Mexico City's airport, i searched for a book to read on plane, and that's how i noticed a new (for me) John Grisham title.

I love Grisham's novels, they taught me everything i know about American's law system, but this book is not a typical John Grisham story, considering that the action is not lawyer-related at all, but instead everything happens in the world of American football. That's the second non-lawyer novel i read from John Grisham, and i find them even more charming that his usual writing.

Dockery is a third string NFL quarterback for the Cleveland Browns, who manages to lost his team its first-ever Super Bowl appearance. He is cut from the team, vilified in the press, and is facing legal troubles due to a questionable paternity lawsuit, and that's when his agent Arnie finds him a position at the Panthers, a team in Italy (where as you know the other type of football is king). With an entire town that hates his guts, Rick accepts the job , but somehow manages to find in Europe a new life, new friends and maybe even a lover.